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This position is remote only, meaning you will be working from a remote location.

Job Position Published
Manual QA Tester 2020-06-22

DHIS 2 is a web-based and open source data platform built to help governments and NGOs improve the health and well-being of underprivileged people living in developing countries. More than 50 countries and 60 NGOs use the software to better plan interventions, allocate resources more efficiently and provide better health care. DHIS 2 is used to collect, validate, visualize and analyze data using the Web including mobile-enabled devices.

The DHIS 2 project aims to improve access and use of information within health, education, sanitation, nutrition, disaster relief and other areas. The system is used by numerous governments, NGOs and international agencies such as Doctors without borders, WHO, UNICEF and USAID.


We are looking for part-time or full-time test engineers to join the core DHIS2 team. You will be responsible for manual testing of the DHIS 2 software as part of our software release process.

This job offers career opportunities as there is a possibility for becoming a DHIS 2 expert implementer through excellent performance.


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