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Are you an experienced Python and Django software developer? Do you love building SaaS APIs and apps?

Job Position Published
Python + Django Software Developer (Remote) 2020-06-16


Are you an experienced Python and Django software developer? Do you love building SaaS APIs and apps? Does building new features, squashing bugs, and continuously improving quality challenge you? Does legacy code make you want to refactor it to current best practices and standards? Does performance and making the web better, faster, and lighter excite you? Do you have a knack for teamwork with people from different backgrounds and skills?

If you answered yes to these questions, we are sure this position will sound super exciting to you.

Location Salary
Remote -

Do you want to know a few other things we appreciate about our candidates? Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in any of these areas. We’ll teach you.

We are an agile development team using the power of Scrum and 2-week sprints to focus our energies and efforts. You have experience working in an agile environment either with XP or Scrum. You love self-organizing, empowered Scrum teams. No experience in Scrum? Don’t worry. We’ll coach you.

You have experience with automated testing, i.e. unit, integration, and maybe even e2e acceptance testing. You value how granular tests prove that your code works as expected even in unexpected conditions. Never built tests before? We’ll teach you a testing mindset and how to leverage automated testing suites to improve your code, our products and our libraries.

Slack will be your virtual office, where all the life of the company takes place.

We will train you for this, and we will always have your back, don't worry! But if you already have experience with web performance optimization, let us know.

Employer Contact Details:-

WP Media, Inc.

Remote, REMOTE, Remote

Web Address :- Python + Django Software Developer (Remote) job vacancy in Remote

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