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About Us

The purpose of running this website is to record for yourself and share for others, the job vacancies you would love to do but could not apply at the moment for various reasons. You could be a professional looking for a job, a student browsing jobs that you want to do in future or a current employee already working in an organization. You could obviously be an employer yourself. Just collecting and wishing does not do any good to anyone. What can be helpful to others is if you publish the best jobs so that people who could apply immediately can get the job. This not only benefits the job seeker but the employer who is looking for the right candidate at the right time. And you will also be able to build a list of job vacancies with rating and review that could act as a reference for future when you will be ready. If enough people publish the job vacancies that they have, everyone will be applying for jobs posted among themselves. This is the power of coming together and building a community. Hope everyone gets benefited.

Best of luck to you all!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, queries or feedbacks.