Career Change - The sureshot way of getting a job

Have you ever wondered why you don`t get a job for a long time? There are a number of reasons such as:-

1. You do not have the required qualification or experience

2. You do not have the specific qualification or experience required by the employer.

3. Bad cover letter/ resume.

4. Not applying for sufficient number of jobs etc.

You should first try to find out what is the thing that is preventing you to get a job. If it is due to one of the reasons mentioned above, you should take proper action. Well, if its none of the above then the most common reason I have seen over the years is that either the job field you are looking for has not much vacancy because the field is more or less saturated or you need a CHANGE.

Yes, if it is not working, you need to change something. The jobs market is constantly changing, specially in the current world of technology. When you observe carefully, you can clearly see most of the jobs in any jobs website like JobVacancyNearMe are Information technology (IT) related. Now think how many jobs do you see that is related to your field? Very few and not that frequently. Also, if you apply to those, do you think you will be able to get the job? No! Why? Because you do not have the skills at all or you do not have the level of skills/ knowledge/ experience required by the employer. So, what is the solution? Yes a career change. I have seen many people do this and become successful. I am one of those. Many who did not change are still struggling. If there are vacancies that are in high demand but are not being filled, it is obvious you will get one if you get trained in that field, specially if the field is easy to enter with proper training and skills.

Skills required for jobs like web development, graphic design, web designing can be learned in 2 to 3 months in your own home just by watching YouTube videos or web tutorials and practicing. No need to pay for the training. The pay is good too. So, the sure-shot way to get a job is to change your career field to high demand field. If you work hard and practice enough, you can master the subject and easily get a job. Even if you do not get a job, you can work as a freelancer in your spare time beside your full time job. The skills will not be a waste. In fact, you will be ahead of your colleagues if you have extra talent, mainly a technical talent. You can start by working  for free for your first client then charge a small fee than the competition to the second and gradually increase as you get more experience, clients and confidence.

PHP, Java, Python, .Net are some of the programming languages used for building web applications and software. Web designers use CSS and other CSS frameworks such as bootstrap. Graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and other tools. The most in demand jobs these days are web programming, graphic and web designing etc. and those with a great future are in the field of artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and processing,  Blockchain, virtual reality, cyber security, database programming etc. If you are one of those who is looking for jobs for a long time without luck, think of changing your career path.

Best of luck!

Published 2020-05-08